To obtain the free overnight vouchers issued by the Sicilian Region, you must book all services through us, authorized travel agency in Sicily. You can obtain one free overnight for every two you pay in the same hotel category (or max one category of difference). You will also obtain a voucher for a free excursion or visit.

The exact terms are as follows:

  • 1 overnight stay every 3 (up to a maximum of 2 free nights), in one of the affiliated structures
  • 1 tourist service to choose from: excursions, guided tours or diving
  • 1 50% discount on the cost of the ticket for national and international flights or for ferries, ships and hydrofoils to Sicily and the smaller islands (for domestic flights and from Europe, the maximum discount is 100 euros, while for international flights it is € 200. No discount is applicable to tickets costing less than € 50, except in the case of tickets for the smaller islands, for which there is no minimum cost). The discount on flights is valid for travel packages up till 30/9/2023 with the exception of the months of July and August.

If you are interested in this promotion, please let us know the information in the form on your right. If you also want us to provide transportation to obtain the discount from the Sicilian Region please indicate the town you are leaving from.

We will be pleased to send you a quote so you can join the program.

On the official page of the Sicilian Region about the initiative you can find a list of hotels and B&B affiliated to the program. Use the link https://www.visitsicily.info/en/seesicily/

If you want to download the list of the hotels and B&B affiliated to the promotion you can use the button below.