10 good reasons to choose Sicily

  1. Sicily is the entire history of the Mediterranean in a nutshell.
    Sicily has always been under foreign rule – even today some Sicilians would say. The many peoples who have ruled the island have left their mark in one way or another – in the monuments, in the language, in the appearance of the Sicilians, in nature, in agriculture. It is therefore the perfect place if you want to study the thousand-year history of the Mediterranean area. In just a few square kilometres you can find relics from the time of the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards and French in Sicily.
  1. The Sicilian nature with its incredibly varied character
    In Sicily you can find something for every taste. If you like the beach and the sea, you can find every imaginable type of coastline. If you like nature and want to explore it on hiking or cycling trips, Sicily is the ideal place. If you want to go skiing, this is also possible both on the large active volcano Etna or in the high Madonie mountains. Yes, when the weather is good, you can go skiing in the morning and go diving in the sea in the afternoon. Also in this case you have an extremely varied nature at disposal in a few square kilometres.
  1. The lovely mild climate
    Sicily has a long mild winter, where the temperature fluctuates between 10-20° and the sunny days are far more than the grey ones. The island is the ideal place if you want to get away from the cold winter months in the Nordics. If you ever find yourself longing for snow and cold, you can always head up to the mountains. If, on the other hand, you like good heat, you should come in the summer period.
  1. The better quality of life
    Sicilians know how to enjoy life and appreciate the many small daily joys. Contrary to what the press usually writes about the island, the population is extremely hospitable and accommodating. Precision is a concept that does not really fit in with the Sicilian nature. People like to talk and hear about other people’s relationships and take time to be with family and friends. It is not difficult to get in touch, especially if you choose to stay in the smaller towns inside the island.
  1. The lovely food and wine
    If you like good food and wine, Sicily is a true Eldorado. Also, within the gastronomy, you can see the elements of the various rulers, such as the Arab couscous and sweet cakes and the Normans’ pickles. You don’t have to move for a few kilometres before the gastronomic traditions change. The food in Palermo is not the same as the food in Catania. The wine is a chapter of its own and wine tasting at the many wineries has become very popular.
  1. The cheaper cost of living
    Sicily is a lot cheaper than Northern Italy in many areas. It is cheaper to rent a house or an apartment – not to mention buying a house in Sicily. Food and wine are also cheaper, especially if you shop at the small local markets. Transport by train and bus is also affordable.
  1. Great beach holidays
    As mentioned above, Sicily is a true Eldorado for those who love beach life – there are long fine sandy beaches, small sea bays where you can swim almost unabashedly, some only accessible from the seaside, but you can also choose the more luxurious beaches with all conveniences within easy reach. If you want to snorkel or dive, the rocky coasts are ideal with an underwater world where life under water is almost more interesting than above water.  Some sea areas are protected and therefore even more richly populated.
  1. Trekking in untouched nature
    With its 4 large natural parks and almost eighty nature reserves, Sicily is the area in Italy with the largest protected territory in relation to the size of the island. If you like untouched nature and lonely trots, you can find countless suggestions here.
  1. Possibility of unique experiences
    The Sicilians are an extremely hospitable people, with whom it is easy to get in touch. If you want to get to know the local population, today there are several opportunities to take part in activities where you get up close and personal with people. Many housewives open their homes to teach local cooking, others offer the opportunity to eat with the whole family, some farms allow you to participate in the harvesting of olives or grapes. You can also choose to sit on the square in one of the small towns in the interior of Sicily. It won’t be long before you strike up a conversation with people who want to know where you’re from – and then the contact is made.
  1. Multilingual assistance in Sicily
    And finally, one more plus. The travel agency Sicilian Tourist Service is led by a Danish-Italian team. We know both European and Sicilian mentality and can organize the stay or tour in the best way according to your wishes. During your stay in Sicily, you will also receive a telephone number – active 24 hours a day – with multilingual people on the other end of the phone for any problems that may arise.

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Do you like to play golf, or do you want to visit the places of the many interesting films located in Sicily, or do you want to follow the footsteps of Goethe, or the Greeks, or the Romans or of any other of the many people, who invaded Sicily and lef magnificent monuments on the island. Or will you just go for the monuments of the World Heritage list of Unesco. We have seven of them but each of them are not just a single monument some of them being a list of towns or a huge natural area as the famous mount Etna.


So if you want to see them all one week is not enough! If you want a roundtrip of Sicily we give you this useful hint: Arrive in Catania and leave from Palermo or vice versa. This will save you time, since Sicily is not so small, as it might seem at a first glance.


The advantage to book a holiday in Sicily with a Sicilian Travel Agency is the fact, that we are on the spot ready to help you in any occurrence. In your program there will always be a phone number accessible 24 hours a day.


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